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Q&A With Tory Sheffer

The Capital Stack Q&A With Tory Sheffer We realized that we haven’t answered the questions that we usually ask our guest interviewees. So, we decided

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Our Investment Structure

The Capital Stack Our Investment Structure Recently, I have received multiple inquiries from prospective investors regarding our investment structure, including the specific percentage and sample

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Tax Free Sales Strategy

The Capital Stack Taxes & Commercial Real Estate Often, we encounter property owners who are hesitant to sell due to the significant tax burden they

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UYOC > Cap Rates

The Capital Stack UYOC VS Cap Rates In the realm of commercial real estate, the concept of Cap Rates is widely discussed. Many brokers will

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The Power Of Compound Interest

The Capital Stack IRR Investment Compounding Compound interest is a powerful financial concept that has the potential to significantly impact one’s financial well-being. Simply put,

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Ferndale 28

The Capital Stack Ferndale 28 Ferndale 28 is a 3-property portfolio that we successfully exited in the Fall of 2021. The portfolio is in Ferndale, MI

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Our Buying Criteria

The Capital Stack The Math Behind Our Income and Median Home Value Criteria Prior to purchasing any property, we conduct extensive analysis on the area

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Join Us In Tampa!

The Capital Stack Q1 of 2023 Happy New Year! A special welcome to all our new subscribers. We are so happy to have you follow along.

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It’s Our Birthday!

The Capital Stack It’s Our Birthday! We can’t believe it’s already been a year since we published our first article! Thank you for continuing to

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Q&A With Toupin Holdings

The Capital Stack Q&A With Toupin Holdings Enjoy this week’s guest interview with David Toupin owner of Toupin Holdings. Toupin Holdings is a real estate investment

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