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Royal Oakland Refinance

The Capital Stack Royal Oakland Refinance We recently completed a refinance on our JV deal in Royal Oak Michigan. We purchased this 20-unit property in

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Full Cycle On 16 Units

The Capital Stack Bought For $975k, Sold For $1.6m In 20 Months We are excited to share that we successfully completed the investment cycle with

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Full Cycle on 33 Units

The Capital Stack Full Cycle: Pinehurst Apartments of Linden We are excited to announce that we have completed the investment cycle with our 33-unit property

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Furnished VS Unfurnished

The Capital Stack Harvard Lofts Furnished Apartment Homes We acquired Harvard Lofts in January 2022. We have since completely repositioned the property and completed extensive

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Our Investor Reports

The Capital Stack Our Investor Reports Investor updates are an important part of what we do. Every month, we compile a concise report for each

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Swiss Village NO Deal

The Capital Stack Swiss Village NO Deal Swiss Village is a charming community comprised of 26 residential units spread across five beautifully designed buildings in

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