About Sheffer Capital

Founded by Tory Sheffer in 2019 as a real estate investment company focusing on Class B value add multifamily. Sheffer Capital has transacted on over $70,000,000 of asset value across 700+ units in Michigan, South Carolina, & Texas. Currently Sheffer Capital owns 250+ units valued at $40m, primarily in Metro Detroit. 

Sheffer Capital is actively seeking new acquisitions in the Great Lakes Region.

Acquisition Criteria

Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona

  • 20+ Units
  • $60k+ median income by zip code
  • $250k+ median home value by zip code
  • Built in 1970 or later
  • 1 hour or less to major metro

Tory Sheffer has been in the real estate industry since 2015, beginning as a realtor. Tory began venturing into the world of commercial multifamily in 2017 and made the full time transition in 2019. Prior to real estate Tory owned and operated Superior Recreation Services, a commercial playground construction company which he started at the age of 19 as a college student.

Emmie Sheffer is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of experiences. Emmie earned a full ride golf scholarship and graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Communications. Following her golf career Emmie began in the insurance industry as an independent agent. Emmie built a well qualified book of business which was then sold to a larger agency. After selling her agency Emmie joined Sheffer Capital full time with various roles and now oversees all asset management & investor reporting for the company.

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Investment Strategy

Value Add Multifamily

Purchase below market value multifamily with physical & management improvement opportunity

Sub Institutional

We focus on sub-institutional scale to take advantage of greater inefficiencies in the market

Great Lakes Region Suburban Locations

Tory Sheffer was born and raised in Michigan, in the suburbs of Detroit. Using similar metrics to his hometown, $60k+ median income & $250k+ home values, we are able to remove a level of speculation from our property search

Unit transacted on
1 +
Transaction Volume
50 M+

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