It’s Our Birthday!

December 27, 2022

The Capital Stack

It’s Our Birthday!

We can’t believe it’s already been a year since we published our first article! Thank you for continuing to follow Sheffer Capital and supporting this newsletter. In honor of our first birthday and because we have added so many new subscribers let’s look at this years “most loved” articles. 

Newsletter #37 & #38- Portfolio Property Update
These back-to-back articles published in mid-September are the first of what will be quarterly portfolio updates. These articles feature a short write up on each property we own. The write ups include our goals for the property and how we plan to reach them, as well as any hurdles or successes the property has most recently encountered.

Full Articles Here:

Newsletter #2- Sheffer Capital’s First acquisition.
Close to a year ago today we wrote an article detailing how we found, purchased, and ultimately sold a 232-unit value-add portfolio in metro Detroit. This portfolio consisted of 12 properties built from 1950-1970. Because this was our first time purchasing multifamily, we brought in a partner to help us get the deal across the finish line.

Full Article Here:

Newsletter #13 – Royal Oakland Refinance
Newsletter #13 published back in March provides detailed information on how we took a 20-unit property “full circle”. The article explains how we increased the value of the buildings, successfully completed a refinance, paid of the entire loan and reimbursed all investor capital including profits.

Full Article Here:

Newsletter #46 & #47- Our Favorite Before & After
According to our readers feedback these back-to-back articles published in mid-November have been a fan favorite. The articles display our favorite before and after photos of units we have renovated. They also highlight the before rent, new rent, and a summary on “how we got there”. See the example below.

Full Articles Here:


Newsletter #30- Officially Closed Suburban 36
Article #30 sent in July of this year highlighted our most recent closing on the Suburban 36 portfolio. This suburban portfolio consists of 36 units, 16 units in Plymouth, MI and 20 units in South Lyon, MI. We purchased the portfolio with seller financing at a 4% interest rate. At the time this interest rate was a full 1.5% discount to market rates. Since closing we have been lightly renovating units and easily achieving $300+ rent premiums.

Full Article Here:

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. Can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2023. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Newsletter Growth: Road to 5,000
Current Count: 2,016   
141 in the past week!

We are looking to grow our newsletter subscriber list. Currently we have 2,016 subscribers and the goal is 5,000. Since last week’s newsletter we have added 141 new subscribers. Let’s keep it going! If everyone gets 3 people to sign up, we beat the goal and will have something new to reach for. If you can get 3 people to sign up, I am happy to consult or answer any questions for 30 minutes on whatever you may be working on, or interested in. If you hate the idea of talking to me for 30 minutes but enjoy the newsletter, then just share it out of the kindness of your heart! Either way, the sharing is greatly appreciated!

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Major Market News

146-Unit Portfolio goes for Auction

In case you aren’t already wrapped up in your own holiday drama check out the link below to read an entertaining article by the RealDeal that relays the sequence of events transpiring between a New York landlord and his 100-year-old mother/co landlord. According to the article the ownership partners could not agree on the value of their properties, so an auction was held earlier this month because, “Auctioning the properties eliminates the conflict;”. Check out the full article for more interesting banter. 

Full Article Here:


Tips and Tricks

All 52 newsletter from this year are published on the “blog” section of our website. Check it out for any article you may have missed. 

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